Why Helix?


If you're looking for a dedicated partner in event production - and not just another vendor - then Helix Productions is right for you. We provide personal attention and care for your event, which will be handcrafted and custom-tailored to your message, audience and budget.

We make event production easy and enjoyable!


New Client Checklist

How to know if you're a perfect fit for Helix Productions...

You want to work with people who genuinely enjoy what they do, are ridiculously good at it, have extensive real-world experience, skilled training, and the ability to keep the big picture in mind while caring deeply about the details.
You want an ally in the live event industry who’s got your back when things are tough, who can be flexible when budgets are tight, and who will consistently make you and your event look good.
Ready to make it fun again?

Our Executive Team

Bryan - Founding Partner &
Chief Audio Engineer

While proficient in studio sound, his strength and passion is in live event audio and venue sound design.  Not only is he an accomplished audio engineer with a great ear for live events, he is also a certified rigger who loves heights.

Bryan has produced a myriad of unique event solutions, designing for a diverse clientele throughout his career.  He is a can-do problem-solver who thrives on stacked odds and new challenges.

Sean - Founding Partner &
Executive Producer

He has spent decades involved in theater and live performance, both on stage and behind the scenes in design and directing for broadcast and live events, ranging from corporate to artistic to commercial.

Sean is a self-described dreamer, systems-thinker, and perfectionist with a strong sense of aesthetics. He loves to brainstorm big ideas and integrate the countless tiny details that help turn vision into reality.


A Little About Us

The air was thick with the scent of bratwurst and lager.  In a strange town, surrounded by costumed, dancing children and pounding polka music, our founders, Bryan and Sean, had inadvertently stumbled into family night at the local Bavarian Biergarten while seeking a quiet evening away from the hustle of being on back to back event tours.  The cab driver had said this was a unique local spot with great food and atmosphere, but failed to mention the actual details of this cultural experience. 

Between bites of schnitzel and strudel, and shouting over the exuberant tones of the town’s finest accordion player, they came to a milestone in their careers.  It was time to create a formal alliance - Helix Productions.  This was the answer to years of frustration over seeing good people, friends, and businesses burned by shady AV companies overselling and underserving mediocre cookie-cutter events, adding mystery “service charges," and aggressively chasing the bottom line.

In contrast, Bryan and Sean knew that it didn’t have to be that hard - that event production could actually be an enjoyable, efficient, and satisfying experience for everyone involved. 

This ethic has guided all of our work and partnerships to date - reminding us that the human connection is the key to all other objectives - your message, your audience, your story - and the environment, the experience that we create together.